Event Organizer Resources

HCSF Activities Policies and Procedures

The Upcoming Events page is reserved for events organized or co-sponsored by the Harvard Club of San Francisco. For an event to be considered by HCSF for inclusion on this page, it must provide special value to HCSF members (e.g., discounted admission price, exclusive access or opportunity), be politically neutral, and not be a “sales pitch” for any individual or organization. The Harvard Club of San Francisco does not provide speaker fees.

Events falling outside of these guidelines can be posted on the HCSF’s Community Events page.

These guidelines are subject to change, and the HCSF Executive Committee reserves ultimate decision-making authority on which events HCSF organizes and co-sponsors.

HCSF Activities Policies and Procedures

To submit an event, please complete one of the forms below. The event submission form will be forwarded to the HCSF activities team for approval. If you have any questions, please contact the HCSF activities team at activities@harvardclubsf.org.

Event Submission Forms

Special Interest Groups Guidelines

How do I organize a SIG event through HCSF?

Adding an event to HCSF website

Submit event description to activities@harvardclubsf.org for approval at least 4 weeks before event date: https://hcsanfrancisco.clubs.harvard.edu/article.html?aid=126

After event approval

HCSF staff is responsible for:

  1. Zoom meeting link is created for event.
  2. Event is set up on the website.
  3. Zoom meeting link is added to email event registration confirmation receipt.
  4. Event registrants’ group is created.
  5. A permission-based page is created for event registrants on the event description webpage. Please note event registrants have to be logged-in to be able to click on this link.
  6. Zoom info is added to permissioned event details page.
  7. If the event has a survey, special instructions, etc., those details will also be added to the permissioned event details page.
  8. A reminder email will be sent to all event registrants the day of or the day before (depending on day or evening event start time). The reminder email will include the event details and Zoom meeting details. Once the Zoom link has been forwarded, online event registrations will be closed.

PLEASE NOTE HCSF OFFICE HOURS ARE FROM 9am-2pm. If additional administrative help is needed after office hours, please let HCSF staff know a couple of days before the event.

SIG Leader is responsible for:

SIG Leader to approve event description and test all event/registration links.

Request attendee list 3 days before the event from Kirsten Pickford at kirsten@harvardclubsf.org. Please note email addresses of attendees are not forwarded to event organizers who are not a HCSF Officer or Board member.

As the event organizer check your email a half an hour before the event to make sure that there are no additional questions/missing Zoom links from event registrants.

Forward Zoom log-in information only to people who have registered online for the event.

Zoom conferences set-up

All HCSF Zoom conferences are set-up with a wait room, video on for host and participants and participants are muted upon entrance. If you would like the conference controls to be set-up differently (no wait room, participants may enter the meeting before the host, no one is muted) please add this information to the event submission form.

Reminder of Harvard Club’s Event Policy:

HCSF events must be politically neutral, and not be a “sales pitch” for any individual or organization. The Harvard Club of San Francisco does not provide speaker fees.